The Society for ruthenian language, literature and culture is an association founded in Novi Sad, capital of Vojvodina,1970. The first president of the Society was Mikola M. Kocish (1928-1973), writer, linguist and pedagogue - the author of the orthography, dictionary, grammar and textbooks.

The Society has 754 members from 27 places in Vojvodina, Serbia and Yugoslavia, and 11 linguists of Ruthenian from 9 countries in its hoonorary membership.

The activities of the Society are realized in 6 branches - in Novi Sad, in Kucura, in Ruski Krstur, in Vrbas, in Shid, and in Djurdjevo. The Society publishes its periodical, which was entitled "TVORCOSC" from 1975 to 1988, and since 1988 "STUDIA RUTHENICA". The periodical of Society has its Editorial Board.

According to the Article 11 and 28 of the Statute of the Society, the program contains the following tasks: observing and coordinating the activities of cultivating the Rusyn language and literature, promoting literary and linguistic criticism, as well as standardizing the language. In the sections and other activities the Society gives assistance to teachers, proofreaders, translators and others.

The bodies of the Society are: Assembly and Presidency, and sections, such as: Linguistic section, Section for Literature, Section for Cultural and Spiritual Heritage. There are also a Club of Writers, Journalists and Translators, and an Activist Group of Teachers and Educators.

The Society is a member of the Coordinating Board of the Societies for Language, Literature and Culture at the Cultural - Educational Community of Vojvodina, which encompases 8 societies: for Serbian, Hungarian, Slovak, Rumanian, Rusyn, Ukrainian, Romany and Esperanto languages.



(Studia Ruthenica, No. 4/1994-1995)